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22 Feb 20TVL Midlands Open show (SAC trial 1) (GAU)
1 Mar 20Wits Corgi Open show (SAC trial 2) (GAU)
7 Mar 20UBC Open show (SAC trial 3) (GAU)
14 Mar 20UBC Open show (SAC trial 4) (GAU)
22 Mar 20JKC Championship show (GAU)
28 Mar 20TVL Midlands Champs show (GAU)
29 Mar 20Wits Championship show (GAU)
3 Apr 20Port Elizabeth 2020 Cluster shows (Carting) (EC)
9 Apr 20Port Elizabeth 2020 Cluster shows (AG, DJ and OB) Final (EC)
entries closing soon
5 Mar 20Wits Championship show
6 Mar 20JKC Championship show
9 Mar 20TVL Midlands Champs show
See the events page for all events.
It's not the will to win that matters - everyone has that.
It's the will to prepare to win that matters.
~ Paul "Bear" Bryant

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2019 SADJ Championship results
latest news
11 Feb 20PE bumper weekend dog jumping entries

As of 1 April 2020, the Grade classifications within Schedule 5D – Regulations for Dog Jumping Grades will change. They will read as follows:

Grade 1, Small; Medium and Large (QC classes)

Grade 2, Small; Medium and Large (Beginner classes)

Therefore, we request that when entering the Port Elizabeth Championship Show Weekend, closing date 29 March, that you use the new Grade classifications.

31 Jan 20Links for Online entries
SAC trials (enter before 22 February if you want all trials to count).
Take note of different bank details on this one):
The shows below can be entered even if not entering SAC trials, they are also Open shows but there will be only one course for all grades in Contact and then Non-Contact. Please note that there is a small discount per dog offered for entering and paying by the closing date relevant for each show. Entries taken on the day will be placed first in the draw orders
SAC trial 1 show entry:
SAC trial 2 show entry:
SAC trial 3 show entry:
SAC trial 4 show entry:
4 Jan 20SAC Trial dates 2020
Trial dates:
Trial 1 - Saturday 22 February 
Trial 2 - Sunday 1 March
Trial 3 - Saturday 7 March (NAPC committee)
Trial 4 - Saturday 14 March  (NAPC committee)
(If an additional date is needed we will use 8 March and for Trial 4 the Club and judges at the open show on 15 March will be approached, so please reserve this date as provisional)
Trial 1 - Sunday 19 January
Trial 2 - Sunday 26 January 
Trial 3 - Sunday 23 February
Trial 4 - Sunday 1 March 
Extra date - Sunday 15 March
Western Province
Trial 1 - Sunday 26 January
Trial 2 - Sunday 23 February
Trial 3 - Saturday 7 March
Trial 4 - Sunday 8 March
Extra date - Sunday 22 March
Eastern Province
Trial 1 - Saturday 25 January
Trial 2 - Saturday 8 or Sunday 9 February (TBC)
Trial 3 - Saturday 15 February 
Trial 4 - Saturday 28 February
Extra date - Saturday 21 March
8 Dec 19NAPC Top Dog qualifiers- Dog Jumping

Click here for the DJ qualifiers for Top Dog 2020

1 Dec 19Overall QC Log 2019

Congratulations to the following QC winners in 2019

1 Dec 19NAPC Top Dog qualifiers 2020 - Agility

Click below to see the list of qualifiers for Top Dog on 12 January 2020. Please look out for the Schedule and enter accordingly

25 Nov 19Year end awards 2019

Congratulations to the following winners for 2019

25 Nov 19Gauteng Provincial colours 2019

Congratulations to the following handlers and dogs

6 Nov 19Handler voted awards 2019

Please can we ask all handlers that regularly attend shows to vote for the Handler voted awards by 10 November - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0Yk84iFlpOVe-wxicdl3jeqs4O0C0hO49FP6yor4QJLN9Hw/viewform?usp=sf_link

16 Sep 19TKC disciplines championship show - change of email address for entries

We do apologise but unfortunately the email address on the original schedule is  incorrect, please note the change: showdogentries@gmail.com

1 Sep 19National Agility League 2019
Dates are as follows:
29 September
6 October
20 October
10 November
Cost R100 per dog. Enter online on the Home page by 27 September
24 Jun 19National Dog Jumping League dates

the rest of the Rounds will take place as follows:

Round 3- 30 June

Round 4- 7 July

Round 5- 28 July

Round 6- 20 October

18 Jun 19Upcoming shows

Please note that there are shows on the following dates:

30 June- Open show including National Dog Jumping League

7 July- Open show

28 July- Open show

Schedules will be loaded once received from the NAPC Club

Shows cancelled

14 July - Wits Corgi Club 

August Bloem Cluster weekend

18 May 19SAC warm-up and rounds 1 and 2 draw orders

Please find the draw orders for the warm-up round, as well as rounds 1 and 2 of the SA Agility Championships below:


Round 1

Round 2

6 May 19Goldfields Supporters Club shows

The Schedules for these two shows have been uploaded. The profits from these shows go back into the Goldfields Showgrounds. Please support the clubs

4 May 19Videos for SAC - deadline Tuesday 7 May 8:00

Snapdragon Pictures has offered to arrange professional videos at COST PRICE

1 professional cameraman to track and zoom on each handler/dog plus a static wide angle shot.

Each dog would get a nicely edited video of each of their rounds approximately 2 – 3 weeks after SAC.

The costs that would need to be covered are approximately R25 000 to cover cameraman, assistant, editor and equipment, which will work out to approximately R360-R500 per dog depending on the number of orders.  We’d need a minimum of 50 orders to cover costs.  So far we have 15 potential orders.  Please email leanne@snapdragonpictures.net by 08h00 on Tuesday 7 May if you would like a video of each of your rounds.

2 May 19NTKC - closing date extended

The closing date for entries into the NTKC championship show was extended to 6 May - please support the club.

21 Apr 19NAPC Bumper weekend entries and draws (final)

Draws and entries for the NAPC bumper weekend below:

TKC - 2019/04/27 (am)
UBC - 2019/04/27 (pm)
NTKC - 2019/04/28 (am)
KUSA Nationals - 2019/04/28 (pm)
Pretoria Staff BTC - 20190429 (am)
Jubilee Toy DC - 20190429 (pm)
FCI CACIAG event - 20190430 (am)

10 Apr 19Western Gauteng - closing date extented

Please note the closing date for entries into the Western Gauteng Championship show was extended to midnight on Friday 12 April.

27 Mar 19Bumper Weekend

Please note the Bumper weekend schedule has been updated

13 Mar 19Extension of closing dates

The following shows have extended their closing dates:

Wits - 20 March

Transvaal Midlands - 17 March

Vereeniging - 14 March

JKC - 14 March

9 Mar 19Online entries for Open show 17 March (SAC Trial 4)
Pre-entries are now open for SAC trial 4 & open show on 17 March. We appeal to all handlers to please enter online by 12 March. With 120 dogs doing entries and draw orders is very time consuming on the day and the people assisting are also competing and would like to organise their dogs too.
Please pay into the NAPC Agility bank account and send PoP as per the instruction you will receive with the confirmation. Please bring shade as it will not be iin the usual SAWDOS rings
20 Feb 19Online entries for Open show 3 March (SAC Trial 3)

We have opened the entries for the Open show on 3 March which this committee will be running under the licence of Wits Corgi Club. It is the 3rd trial, with over 100 dogs expected so please can we ask you to pre-enter.

Entries close 27 February
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